Smartblock Capital™ is a crypto asset investment fund dedicated to funding blockchain start-ups and advising them on navigating the industry.
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Seed Round Funding

seed round funding
for blockchain startups

Through our years of experience in Blockchain Technology, the Smart Block Capital team has made connections to numerous blockchain companies, advisors, developers, personalities and more.  

This has given us access to contribute in various seed rounds for blockchain startups; enabling us the ability to be some of the first people to know about very unique, early opportunities in this revolutionary space.  Our experienced team screens for pre-requisite criteria before opting in i.e. the potential of the crypto asset, talent of the team and the likelihood of the technology being integrated with the modern world.

SBC looks for opportunities that are predominantly in the seed round basis of a crypto asset; especially high growth prospects.

ico advisorship & marketing

Our team of trusted advisors have a combined experience of 15+ years in finance, marketing and technology that gives us an edge over our competitors when it comes to advising current and future blockchain startups.

Smart Block Capital consists of experts in various fields of Blockchain technology including token sale structure, marketing, development, fundraising, organic growth of social channels and much more. 

Our team has held positions in nearly every aspect of the blockchain/crypto-asset space and can provide invaluable insights through partnerships.

Who We Are

Whether it be advising your company on the best route to navigate the blockchain landscape, or simply having a consultation regarding some of our favorite projects in the space; we are here to act as strategic partners and bring your vision to life.

We are able to act as a guide to this industry through our test and learn experiences. This has been made possible for our team by previously assisting in the advancement of developing and implementing blockchain technologies, including, but not limited to; smart contracts, blockchain contract auditing, decentralized mesh networks, immutable data storage/management, cryptocurrency mining and much more.

Other areas of expertise from Smart Block Capital include:

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